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BTS of Holiday Sweets with Ion Arizona Magazine

A lot goes into shoots that are on location. You have to be well prepared and be aware of the time it takes to get the production set. For this particular shoot it took about 6 hours from start to finish. We got to shoot in a beautiful penthouse, at the City Scape Residence, in downtown Phoenix. On arrival, the first thing we did was plan out the shots we wanted to achieve and how the set should be decorated. Once we had the plan it was time to execute.

We started decorating the space we had. There were about 5 people on set by this time. some wrapping fake gifts, others prepping the kitchens decor while another getting all of the props for the shoot together. All hands were on deck before the models arrived for the shoot.


Once we had the kitchen set it was time to test the lighting, start assembling the Christmas tree and getting the arriving model acquainted with the space and what we wanted for the shoot. As we started the lighting test we got notice that one of the models was unable to make it. Let me just go on record for anyone just starting out that this is not the craziest thing that may go wrong during a shoot. Always be prepared and have people in mind as a backup! Be over prepared and be as professional as you can be. Things will always go wrong, something will happen, things wont go as planned. Its how you handle those situations that shows your character, professionalism and makes people want to work with you again.

Luckily, our wonderful model Lance had a wonderful person in mind that was willing to drop what he was doing and rushed over to the shoot to save the day! With this said, we still had to carry on with the shoot. Two of the models were on a time restraint and we were still down a model. Not only did we have to shoot their portion of the shoot but we had planned to shoot a group photo. Thinking ahead and being considerate of the models times, the clients needs and to keep the shoot going so people aren’t just standing around, we found a setup and shot the three models alone with the idea of compositing the fourth model in photoshop later. *Remember that thing I keep mentioning about being overly prepared?

Luckily, we were able to get a few shots with the all of the models together and not have to use the composites we had in mind as backup. The entire day didnt go as planned and that is exactly what I loved about it! we shot every scene backwards. We faced every problem with a solution and got some pretty awesome shots by the end of the day. Ill end this blog on a good note and spare you the details of breaking everything down after only 5 hours and having to clean the mess that was made.


You can check out all of the final shots in the December issue of Ion Arizona out now. Link is included below. Be sure to to let us know what you think of the spread. Thank you to everyone involved in this process! Its always a pleasure to work with the guys over at Ion! Keep an eye out for some of the new work we are super excited about. Follow us on social media as well! Thank you all for reading. Hope you enjoyed this blog.

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Photography by LeakedGlass


Creative Director:

Kevin Bushaw


Lance Matheson

John Bello

Elisa Radcliff

Angelina Ramirez


Ion Arizona Magazine

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