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Black and White Photography

Learning the art of black and white is very important in photography. There’s a hidden quality that you get when you turn an image black and white. Specially when used with great lighting techniques and control.

It’s not always as simple as turning an image black and white though. When you use the right lighting and shoot with intent for black and white, your images will shine better. There are several ways to light and image for black and white, this here is just one.

When lit correctly, you can play with the highlights and shadows that fall on your model. Having the light wrap around the model really helps contrast your photo and gives the image a different dynamic than what you’d get when it’s in color.

Black and white can also help with keeping things a bit more artsy. Sometimes models or other clients may want a more artsy feel but not have the budget it takes to execute what they have in mind. Shooting black and white can help be a more cost effective way to present a project to a client. Just remember to have a solid portfolio to back it up.

I’ve always been a fan of using bright colors and playing with the drama that color can give an image. Black and white for me is a very recent venture. Not that I’ve been scared of it but it can be very intimidating. Specially when you see the work that the people you admire are producing. Its important to NEVER COMPARE YOUR WORK TO OTHERS. Your work in unique to you. You can compare quality, that’s great to aspire to put out the same if not better quality work, but don’t compare the work itself. Your vision is different than someone else.

The most important note from today is to get creative! Try and try, again and again until you are happy with your results. They won’t all be winners, trust me I know. Practice makes perfect in this industry. Lastly, have fun! At the end of the day, this is what we love to do! Weather it’s photography, modeling, styling or you just want some great photos of yourself, have fun! Don’t be too serious. In the end it’s the experience you had that you’ll remember!


Photography by LeakedGlass

Model: Devon Norris

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