Lighting For Male Models

When you look at a photograph whats the first thing you think? For me, as a photographer its always lighting. I analyze and think to myself, what went into this photo that makes it so great? What make it stand out from the rest? A great model is always nice to have but without the right lighting your model wouldn’t sine as well as they should.

Lighting can be overwhelming at times. Starting out, most people would think they don’t have enough lighting to create stunning studio work. In reality, all you need is one light! With one light you can accomplish so much more that you’d think.

All of the photos here with Xavier were created with just one simple lighting setup! I used a 640 WS Einstein by Paul C Buff with a 30″ x 60″ softbox on the right side of the model. Before working with Xavier, I really wanted to step up the quality of my work and do something different that i hadn’t tried before. Automatically i wanted to add more lighting. I sat down at my desk looking at some of my favorite photographers that inspire me and noticed one thing. Most of them shoot using only one light. Their work is phenomenal and its always what catches my attention.

So I felt I should give it a try. Keep it simple and go back to some basics. I feel like overall it was a great shoot! The photos turned out way better than I expected. I set myself up with pretty high expectations by comparing my work to those that I admire. Never doubt your abilities! You are greater than you think you are you just have to try! When in doubt, hit the basics and if you happen to fail, try again! Best of luck in your future projects!

Extra Tip: Once you have the ability to add more lightin, add another lighting from behind the model to separate them from the background. Like this photo below.


Photography by LeakedGlass

Model: Xavier Sanchez

Lighting: Paul C Buff Products

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