Marco Marco Underwear Photo Shoot with Cory Kuehn

In honor of national photography day, I decided to start my first blog by releasing this collection of photos. This Photo Shoot with Cory was such a blast. I first worked with Cory back in March of 2016. We shot a swimwear spread that I planned with a local stylist from Scottsdale, AZ. Cory’s energy and attitude the entire shoot was so great I just new I had to work with him again.


I’m a person that vibes off of energy. Having Cory around always sparks my creativity. One day he came over and next thing you know he was pulling out clothing he brought with him. A few minutes into the photo shoot, I decided to post a BTS shot on Instagram and tagged Marco Marco underwear. Two hours later I had a Direct message saying they would love to see the final images. During the photo shoot I wasn’t expecting to get the attention of Marco Marco underwear. Sometimes you need to do things on your own to get the attention and possibly the jobs you want.


Being limited on resources and restricted to a stair case location certainly presented its problems, but we made it work as best as we could. I always go into a photo shoot with a Goal in mind. How can I make this Photo shoot work if it were the real deal job and how can I get this model the best shots possible? If you go into any type of shoot with that mindset you’ll definitely reach, if not surpass, your goals. After all, what photographer wouldn’t be thrilled to be the first photo in a models book?


Starting out in photography is very easy now a days since getting a good quality camera is so accessible, but standing out is something else. I write this blog to help inspire others. Things are not just going to happen, you have to work at it and perfect your craft. Be hungry and go after what you want. No one knows what you are capable of but you! You will have plenty of obstacles come up along the way but you must keep pushing forward for what you want.


Hopefully this inspires you to keep pushing yourself to new limits. Don’t be afraid to fail. It only goes up from there. I hope you all enjoy these photos and keep looking out for new collections very soon.


Photography by LeakedGlass

Model: Cory Kuehn

Underwear: Marco Marco Underwear

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  1. Sam Deleon

    First to comment yay 🙂 ….. Great job on your first blog post.

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