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I have found myself shooting with color gels quite a bit lately. There’s a huge craze for it in photography at the moment. It adds some creativity to photographs that help capture the eye. Of course as a photographer that wants to be known for being able to do various styles of photography, not just be the “Portrait Photographer”, I jumped right on this not so new trend.

Just like everything else that I do, it all started out as something fun to do. Something new that’s going to keep me motivated and refreshed. I tend to be a very impatient person and get bored fairly easily. I always work fast, efficiently and get things done right! With that said, I almost feel a bit repetitive when I shoot with the same style over and over again. It makes me feel stuck and not so creative.


Its important to feel creative for me because that’s what keeps me motivated. Sometimes you can feel stuck and repetitive but you have to realize that’s not always a bad thing. Practice makes perfect and the more you practice the better you’ll get. This is something I keep reminding myself of. Specially as someone that wants to be known for versatility in photography, this is important! You have to to perfect every style that you are going for or else you risk losing a job. So this blog is for my fellow people struggling with feeling repetitive or non creative.


Color Gels can be used in so many different ways, its not even funny. You can use them from changing the mood in a room to actually colorizing something or someone. They can be used as just a rim light or a key light. They can even be used to color a background. to be extra creative and for a lighting control challenge you can use all those examples at once and create some pretty neat images. Be sure to experiment with color combinations and lighting placement. Anything and everything goes, all you need is a little imagination and creativity.


I’m working on a few actual tutorials that will be available very soon! In the mean time, I’d love to see your work! tag me on social media @LeakedGlass and be sure to use the hashtags #Leakedglass #LGColorGels

Hope you enjoy these few examples Ive done. Until next time.


Photography by LeakedGlass



Jake Houston

Devon Norris

Monica Granillo

Cory Kuehn

Lennon Lizbeth

Alex Campos

Sam Deleon

Make-up Artist for for Monica and Lennon:

Sabrina Elizabeth

Stylist for Monica and Lennon:

Jackie S. Marin

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